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Hello! I am Dr Kate Flynn—

The Active Deconditioner and Human Design Guide 

Are you ready to rise from the depths of mental madness and physical disease and into self-love and the freedom to be authentically you?


It starts with following your unique roadmap to self love and letting go of all of the ways you were conditioned or taught to be someone you are not. I can show you how.

Shall we begin? 

Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

If you'd like to do a bit of a vibe check first to confirm that we are good match, you can do that too!

Schedule a Free Discovery Call today!

You are in the right place if you want...

⭐️ Resolution of physical symptoms and disease.

⭐️ Healthier relationships.

⭐️ To love and accept yourself.

⭐️ To shift out of toxic empathy and into healthy compassion.

⭐️ To find and use your voice and share your true self.

⭐️ Freedom from addiction.

⭐️ Clarity when it comes to making big decisions.

If any of the above resonate with you...

Then I would be honored to guide you through the process of Active Deconditioning

Step 1: Get familiar with your Human Design. I'll teach you how to read and follow your user's manual.


Step 2: Set a clear intention.

Step 3: Identify the areas where you're feeding your false self, starving your true self, and blocking your intention.

Step 4: Implement correction, live authentically, and love your life.

Active Deconditioning + Human Design = The Perfect Match

Human Design can be a game changer when it comes to living authentically. It offers a roadmap to self love and decision making through the following of Strategy and Authority.

Active Deconditioning is the perfect accompaniment to your experiment, adding ease, grace, and efficiency.

Already know your design? Wonderful! We'll build on that foundation.

Curious about Human Design, but unsure of where to start? I'll point you in the right direction.

Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning. Rachel Chamness Sound Waves Heal testimonial

Rachel C

In the 45 days since our last session I manifested literally everything I have been working on manifesting for YEARS. Dr. Kate is the real deal!
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Dottie B

With Dr. Kate's help I broke a lifelong cycle of trying to fix things that I can't fix. No more fear and guilt for me.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Sara R

I am empowered to take responsbility for myself as an individual, in my relationships, and in the way I am of service in the world.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Rachel R

Working with Dr. Kate has done more for me than 15 years of therapy! I strongly recommend you work with her.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Diosa N

Through Dr. Kate's work the client gives themselves the answers through the questions she asks. That is empowering.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning


For months, my first thoughts upon waking would be so negative about myself/my situation. I no longer feel those negative thoughts coming on. Like they have no power over me.
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