11 Weeks, 22 Hours, The Experience of a Lifetime

A MasterClass in Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Life In The


Sweet Spot

with Dr. Kate Flynn

Savor the Sweetness, Go Deeper, and Have More Fun!

Dr. Kate believes that we are created to be in relationship--with our Higher Power, with ourselves, and with each other. So it makes sense that discovering your true nature would be even sweeter when done along side thousands of other across the world. And it is!
Healing doesn't have to be hard. While the things you've been through are no laughing matter, it doesn't mean that your approach to resolving them and creating anew has to be serious business.
It can be light-hearted. It can be easy. It can even be fun!
You can spend countless hours trying to figure it out on your own or you can experience this masterclass for yourself, finish with the past, be in the present, and create the life of your dreams on a solid foundation in only 11 weeks and 22 hours!
Use the Life In The Sweet Spot MasterClass as...
  • A companion to traditional therapy
  • A stand-alone practice
  • A precursor to therapy
Sometimes, we can "do it all by ourselves." Sometimes, we need something to fill in the gaps. Sometimes, we need more help. Honor yourself thoughout this journey and get help where you need it.



Thanks again for a wonderful class experience! I still want my version of what you've got. With your help, wise counsel, and tools you shared, I'm well on my way!


I did it. I'm free. Dr. Kate, you is the bomb diggity. Thank you!


I was blown away by just how real, practical, and helpful this this experience has been. Dr. Kate has the ability to place her finger on the heart of any issue.

Born out of 10 Years Experience 

Dr. Kate Flynn has worked one-on-one with patients over the last decade to help them heal from trauma, shed their false selves, and rediscover their authenticity. She's learned that:
  • Everything is sacred

  • You are not a problem to be fixed, rather a mystery to unfold

  • Power is unlocked by surrender

She has honed her craft and has created a powerful collection of tools you can use to transform your life on your own terms. Dr. Kate will lift you up in love and hold space for you throughout your transformation.

Is the Sweet Spot MasterClass for YOU?

If you're life is working for you and you are rocking it--congratulations! You are already in the sweet spot and inspire others everyday. That's amazing!
If your experience is anything less than the above, then maybe you could use a little guidance to find your way into the Sweet Spot!
Wouldn't it be nice to trade THIS for THAT?
  • Extremes
  • False Positivity
  • Insecurity
  • Self-Loathing
  • Out of Balance
  • Rocky Relationships
  • Held Back by the Past
  • The Sweet Spot
  • Permission to Feel and Heal
  • Confidence
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Inner Harmony
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Freedom to Make New Choices

Live what you Already Know

When the stars are aligned, the sun is shinging, and your heart is open, you already know that...
  • You are enough
  • You are worthy
  • You are loved
When the days are dark and you fall out of alignment with what you know, doubt fills the void.
This MasterClass will interweave this knowingness into the fabric of your being. It will move them from things you believe when everything is going "right" and internalize them into your genetic code.
They will become less your beliefs and more who you are and what you live, regardless of outside influences.
How beautiful is that?
Give yourself this gift and be empowered to face whatever comes your way with grace, love, compassion, and flair--so that you may shine your light so brightly, in the way that only you can!
This is how we'll change the world!

And now for the Best Part...

you get to decide how DEEP you Go!

Customize your experience to meet your needs!
Stick your toe in the water, wade in the shallow end or dive-deeply into each week. Just keep moving! You can always revisit a section once you're finished.
When: Whenever you like! Youl'll have instant access to the MasterClass when you purchase!
Where: From your couch, porch, or commute.
What's Included?
  • Weekly Zoom call for personalized coaching.

  • Weekly email support.

  • Membership in the Life In The Sweet Spot MasterClass Facebook Group for collaborative support.

  • A weekly Inspirational Email with additional tips and sample mantras.

  • A Life In The Sweet Spot Quick Reference Guide.

  • A weekly checklist to help you stay on top of action items.

  • 11 tips on how to improve your relationship with food.

  • 11 tips on how to improve your relationship with physical activity​.

How Much?
All of this for only $3000!
How does it Work?
You'll have access to all the materials you'll need as soon as you purchase.
Time investment for each week will be about 2 hours.
Money Back Guarantee!
Complete all 11 weeks, interact in the support group, and engage in email support. If you are not any closer to the Sweet Spot, I'll refund your money!
The choices you make today, create your tomorrow. Start now!

Weekly Focus

Week 1: How We Heal

Get real about how to heal and clear up confusion

Week 2: Create your Sweet-Spot Toolkit

Fill your kit with everything you need to guarantee your success

Week 3: Explore Vulnerability

Remove the masks that hide your authentic self

Week 4: Engage your Intuition

Turn up the volume on your inner voice

Week 5: Faith, Acceptance, and Worthiness

Resolve what allows your fear, unmet expectations, and unworthiness to hold you back

Week 6: Purify your Pathways

Press the reset button on the biochemical pathways that make you tick

Week 7: Make Art to Heal your Heart

Create art to further activate and empower your personal transformation

Week 8: Reset your Nervous System

Release any negative charges and create space for clear communication

Week 9: Freedom from Bondage

What once served you, now holds you back -- Free Yourself

Week 10: Chart a New Course

Merge your streams of energy and align with your heart

Week 11: Celebrate

Celebrate your progress and plan for the future

If Not Now, When?

If you wait for the timing to be perfect, you'll never take action! You will always find an excuse to put the needs of others above your own.
Don't you think it's time to realize that if you don't put on your own oxygen mask, you're not going to be of much help to those you love???
Realize your worth and place yourself at the top of your priority list.
Protect the time and commit to the process because you ARE worthy, you MATTER! And, when you start to act like this is true, those around you will see it too and respond accordingly.
When your children see you taking this time to take care of yourself, to heal from the traumas of the past, and to invest in your mental and emotional health--they will too! And they'll teach it to their children.
And that will be a beautiful thing!
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Jamie K

Wowzers! What a ride!


Amelie, L

I have a new set of tools and a broader, more expansive outlook and I'm taking little stresses less seriously!


I have definitely experienced a shift and feel more empowered to show up in other areas of my life