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  • What is the false self?
    Also known as the not-self or the conditioned self, the false self is the version of you created and strengthened every time you short-circuited your true nature to conform to the expectations of others.
  • What separates this from other approaches to healing?
    This is an exercise in empowerment. All the answers you seek lie within you. I am an expert in asking the correct questions to bring those answers to the surface. This is not you telling me what you want and then me telling you how to get it. I will be your guide. I will hold the space and supply a safety net. You will do the work and reap the rewards it brings.
  • What types of things does Active Deconditioning work for?
    Literally anything you've reflected upon and thought, wow, I wish this was different, is a potential intention that you could set for your Active Deconditioning. During your first session I will guide you to set a very specific intention and do it in a way that engages your inner authority. This is not me telling you where to start or you mentally deciding what you want. This is about discerning and landing on what is correct. Your intention could be physical in nature. To sleep better. To alleviate chronic pain or headaches. Improve digestion and more. Every single physical ailment has an energetic component. Resolving that opens the door to healing and allows the next physically oriented thing you try to work. Anxiety, depressive tendencies, addiction, self-loathing, past traumas, challenges in relationships, phobias, and more, are all manifestations of the not-self and are amenable to active deconditioning. Or, and if correct, your intention could be broader in nature and be set to live authentically, love yourself, or make more aligned decisions in accordance with your design. After the first session, you will have set a very clear intention and that intention will guide your deconditioning.
  • Is this a cult?
    Yes. It is a cult of one where you will learn to go against the grain of what society expects from you and live in accordance with what is true and correct for you. Invite your friends and let's create billions of cults of one and achieve world domination.
  • What does a typical session look like?
    That depends on where your authority takes us. We may start with an overview of your Human Design, jump right into the setting of an intention and your Active Deconditioning, or proceed with a sacral session to guide you through the making of an important decision. Deconditioning sessions will involve a lot of yes or no questions. And, they're going to be asked in a way that bypasses your logical mind. Meaning, you're not going to have a mental or logical understanding of what's going on. Your brain is not going to be able to "make sense of it" and that is by design. As soon as your story gets engaged, things become harder than they need to be. In the beginning, this is probably going to piss your brain off. It's probably not going to like not being in control or driving the car. That's ok. We'll be gentle with it. We'll remind it that your body knows the answers even when they don't make sense to the mind. After each session, you will know how long it's going to take for you to process what you did that day, how to implement correction, and add ease and grace to your experience. I will send you a follow up email with all the relevant details. You will know exactly what to expect and be fully set up for success.
  • What is a distortion?
    Your body is an energetically efficient home for your true and authentic self. Distortions allow your life-force energy to be hijacked by your false self and used to fuel your conditioning, in attempts to live up to the incorrect expectations of others. This results in energetic deficiencies within the body that cause dis-ease. When these distortions are resolved, your body functions as a well oiled machine and it is easier to create the life you desire. Consider a home that has leaky doors, windows, and roof. And it's winter time. All the fuel used by the furnace to heat the home is leaking away. This causes issues within the house. The pipes freeze and maybe even burst. The damp causes things to rot. The inside of the house is freezing. This is how distortions cause issues within the body. They are places where the energy leaks away. There are 8 possible areas of distortion. I will guide you through the process of engaging your inner authority to identify and resolve them so that you can cut off the power supply to the false self and reclaim the energy it was using and properly heat your home.
  • How many sessions will my Active Deconditioning take?
    This depends on several variables. Your authority. Pure generators and mani gens have the capacity to move quickly through this process, so long as they are willing to surrender the mental story and tune in to the sacral response. Those of us with emotional authority sometimes need a little more time. The intention you set. The more specific your intention, the fewer the number of distortions typically involved. The broader intention to love yourself will likely involve more distortions. Your willingness to implement corrections. Your inner authority will decide exactly what is to be done to resolve the distortion and cut off the power supply to your false-self. If your resistance to these things is high, it may slow your progress. In general, 3-5 sessions per intention will bring you to a tipping point and bring about resolution of the relevant distortions. You may have multiple intentions you would like to set. You'll experience more ease and grace if you align with correct timing and moving forward as your inner authority gives you the green light. In other words, it's no fun to work on yourself all the time. Enjoy time and space between intentions to allow your deconditioning to unfold naturally as you follow your strategy and authority.
  • What do you mean when you say it's easier to go after the symptom than the root cause?
    The root cause is typically something rather unpleasant that you've likely created a rather intricate mental story around and has no bearing on correction. You can't change the past, but you can stop fueling it. Meaning, it's easier to go after insomnia, identify where the leaks are, resolve those, and cut off the power supply to the false self that holds on to the story of what happened. With that power reclaimed, you can move forward as your true self and never have to address the specific event that caused your challenge.
  • What is Human Design?
    To keep it really simple, it's your roadmap to self-love and understanding. I look at it like a user's manual for living my best life. If you want to have an authentic experience, heal from the past, and unbecome all that you were never meant to be, Human Design is a great place to start.
  • What does it mean to decondition?
    From birth, we are conditioned to eat a certain way, sleep a certain way, follow certain rules, play nice and get along with others, study hard, and make the best of or accept situations that are unacceptable. When these expectations contradict what is authentically correct for us, it takes a toll. The false self consumes a massive amount of energy that could otherwise be used to fuel self-love, make correct decisions, and live authentically. Its consumption causes a deficit within the body. These deficits lead to dis-ease and challenges. To decondition means to reclaim the energy that has been fueling the false self. To call it back to center and use it to fuel the true self. And to make all future decisions in alignment with what is correct.
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