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I am Dr. Kate Flynn

I work with patients and clients virtually to help them meet their wellness goals.

I also create experiences that can be completed independently, in a group setting, or with personalized help to Empower opeople to Evolve and Grow—on all levels.

I believe that everyone should have affordable access to these tools, so I offer them on a donation basis. 

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There is a way for you to get from where you are to where you want to be. We can navigate it together. Your dreams can become reality, let's get started!

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I've created self-study programs for Engaging Your Intution, Activating Your Ascension, Rebirthing Your Relationships, and more! 


What to do ...

...when you don't know what to do. Set your intention to open to guidance. Watch the video and pause when it feels "right" to you. Read the card and take action. 

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About Me


Half-way through the pandemic we realized we were at a choice point. We could stay the course, which meant a heart-attack track for my husband (a custom home builder) and continued frustration for me, an adventurous intuitive that always wanted to dive much deeper into “what’s really going on” with chiropractic patients that, for the most part, didn’t want to go “there.” 

(Even though “there” was exactly where we needed to go if they really wanted to regain their physical health. 

What “here” lacks in terms of comfort and personal fulfillment, it sure makes up for in its sheer familiarity and keeps so many of us stuck in places we’ve outgrown, for far too long.)

FYI, I’m more of a “rip the bandaid” off type of person.

Or, we could flip everything on its head, turn our lives upside down, and chart a new course—In Ecuador. And that’s exactly what we did!


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Dr. Kate helped me learn how to have a voice for myself, and stop being pulled in so many directions by family members. She gave me the tools I needed to keep myself healthy, and balanced. Dr. Kate worked with me so I could be loving towards others in difficult situations, but no longer let someone take advantage of me. With her help, I broke a lifelong cycle of trying to fix things that I can’t fix. No more fear and guilt for me!


Dottie Bevis

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