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Hello! I am Dr Kate Flynn—

The Active Deconditioner 

Already full-swing into your Human Design Experiment, ready to actively decondition, and know that I'm the perfect match for you?


Go ahead and tap Book Now and let's get started.

Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Need a little more information before you jump in? Scroll on down, read the words, and feel for your body's response to them.

If your sacral center opens, expands, or you hear an "Mmmmm", "Uh hu!", or "Yes!," come out of your mouth—that's your sign to swipe right, we are an energetic match! ;)

Aura Type: Generator

Strategy: Wait to Respond

Authority: Emotional (37/40)

Profile: 3/5—The Great Life Experimenter

Incarnation Cross: Right Angle Cross of Planning 2

I am here to bring the enthusiasm for finding a better way to do things and that's exactly what I've done for the Human Design deconditioning process! This is a virtual alternative to therapy that engages the generator's sacral response, and gets results. You will not find an easier or more efficient way to unbecome the false you and embody the true you—I promise.

My Human Design Details

The Not-Self...

Is like an outer shell that surrounds and hides the real you. It is thick. It is heavy. And it consumes a huge amount of the power that you could be using to restore health, improve your wellbeing, and create a life you love.

As you live according to your Human Design Strategy and Authority you will begin to naturally decondition.

Active deconditioning will add ease, grace, and efficiency to your process. We will shut off the power supply to the not-self and transfer those resources back to your body.

It doesn't have to take forever and it can be easy.

You are in the right place if you are...

✅ a Human Design Generator or Manifesting Generator (or you are a different type yet you feel it correct to work with me)

✅ open to a new way to navigate the healing/deconditioning process

✅ willing to quiet your thoughts and feel your body

✅ ready to start living as you were created to be

If the above are true,

Then I would be honored to guide you through the process of Active Deconditioning

Within just a few sessions...

⭐️ Your friends and family will notice a difference in how you are showing up in your relationships

⭐️ You will notice a difference because you will start to feel better

⭐️You will sleep more deeply and have more energy

⭐️Physical symptoms that refused to go away before will start to go away on their own

Sound good? Shall we begin?

Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning. Rachel Chamness Sound Waves Heal testimonial

Rachel C

In the 45 days since our last session I manifested literally everything I have been working on manifesting for YEARS. Dr. Kate is the real deal!
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Dottie B

With Dr. Kate's help I broke a lifelong cycle of trying to fix things that I can't fix. No more fear and guilt for me.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Sara R

I am empowered to take responsbility for myself as an individual, in my relationships, and in the way I am of service in the world.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Rachel R

Working with Dr. Kate has done more for me than 15 years of therapy! I strongly recommend you work with her.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning

Diosa N

Through Dr. Kate's work the client gives themselves the answers through the questions she asks. That is empowering.
Dr. Kate Flynn Human Design Deconditioning


For months, my first thoughts upon waking would be so negative about myself/my situation. I no longer feel those negative thoughts coming on. Like they have no power over me.
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