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I spent some time as the other woman—that was the only way to prove to myself that my model of the world was true. They would eventually move on because I wasn’t enough to make them stay. Occasionally, a kind-hearted man would make it through the cracks and challenge my model of the world. I would sabotage their efforts as soon as I started to feel their interest in sticking around.

Five years in the military, undergraduate school in one city, and chiropractic school in another city made my charade easy to maintain. By the time I’d made a big enough mess, I was already moving on to the next. 

About to graduate and staring down the barrel of my 30’s, I knew that something had to give. I couldn’t run forever and I did not want to go into the next decade of life in the same manner I spent my teens and twenties. 

I found Eckhart Tolle’s work. I got a dog. I started to look inward, connecting the dots and challenging my beliefs. I was about to graduate when I opened to the idea that maybe I was wrong about men. Maybe I wasn’t destined to be a relationship f&$k up. Maybe things could be different. 

“Dear God, when I’m ready and I won’t screw it up, send me a good man that words with his hands,” became my fervent prayer. My dad was a carpenter. Funnily, didn’t consciously see the connection at the time. 

Two weeks after I made my final move to a new city, my prayer was answered. My husband walked into my practice and I knew that we would marry. 

I joined a practice that was sink-or-swim. I wanted to implement what I’d learned in school, yet I knew there was so much more going on with the patients in front of me than their chiropractically oriented concerns. There is a definitive mind-body connection and I wanted to go deeper. A new fervent prayer replaced the first.

“Dear God, make me a channel of your healing works in this world. Guide my thoughts, my words, my actions. Tell me what to say. Show me how to help these people.”

Rebirth your Relationships is an answer to that repeated prayer. 

My happily-ever after came after decades of hurt and trauma. Yours doesn't have to. There’s another way. Let me show you. 

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2. Go from Victim to Victor


Fall in love with yourself first and everything else will fall into place.

3. Rebirth


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