Hello! I’m Dr. Kate


  • The kids were old enough—✅
  • The housing market exploded—✅
  • The discomfort we experienced in our careers finally outweighed the familiarity and we were willing to take a big risk—✅ 

It was finally time to rip off the bandaid.

In May of 2021, we made the jump and haven’t looked back!

We gave ourselves a year to start deconditioning and we claimed freedom from all of the boxes we tried to conform to. 

We began our experiment in Human Design, which has been life changing, in and of itself! 

I’m a 3/5 Emotional Generator which means I’m here to put myself in the midst of all kinds of crazy circumstances, learn what works and what doesn’t, and then share what I’ve learned, when invited. 

  • Enlist in the military at age 18—
  • Move 19 times in 20 years—
  • Fail in relationships and private practice, repeatedly—
  • Marry someone with 3 kids, even though I never wanted children—
  • Move to a foreign country—

Now that I’ve had a year off to reflect, I’m ready to return to the things I’ve created and share what I’ve learned, when invited, with people who want what I have to offer. 

And, I’m going to do it on my terms...as I’ve learned a lot about what doesn’t work!

You will not find any kind of fancy marketing schemes, absurdly priced services, or high-pressure sales tactics here. 

Not because I don’t think I’m worthy of financial abundance or have emotional blocks to monetary success—trust me, I’ve turned over every single one of those rocks and thoroughly cleaned up any of those messes.

But, because I truly believe that everyone should have affordable access to health-related resources. 

As you look through what I have to offer, it is my intention that you will intuitively know if something is for you.

We can work together or you can go your own way with a self-study course. 

If you are local to Cuenca, Ecuador, I’m happy to work with you in person. If you’re not, no worries, we can work together virtually from wherever you are. 

All of my self-study programs are offered on a donation basis. If you decide you need more support than a self, we will come up with affordable solutions to get you the support you need.


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You don't have to figure it out all by yourself. I will help you connect the dots and hold the space for your transformation. 

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An intuitive mix of chiropractic, muscle activation, dry needling, sound therapy, and energy work. 


Work With Me, Virtually


We'll discern why things are "the way they are" and then chart a course to the way you would like them to be.




Peruse your options for Self-Study. I highly recommned starting with the Engage your Intuition series. 


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