Rebirth Your Relationships

There is a way to go from the relationships you have to the relationships you want. I can show you how. We'll start by clearing your confusion and setting you up for relationship success. Next, you'll learn how to fall in love with yourself so you can be the kind of partner you want. Finally, we'll restructure your relationship attraction point. 

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Step 1:  Knowledge is Power

And what you don't know is confusing you. 

This 10-Day course is about coming into the space of empowerment.

A space where you can make real and lasting change.

This is where you embrace that the only person you have authority over is YOU.

If you're anythig like I was, you feel like a dark cloud hovers over you and the relationships you have—be they familial, romantic, or otherwise.

That cloud isn't going anywhere until you understand how realtionships really work. Once you know, you'll able to actively create the ones you want, instead of passively letting them happen while wishing things could be different. 

I truly believe that what we ask is given...but it’s up to us to receive it. 

                    And that’s a pretty big BUT!

Unless we figure out how to come into alignment with what we’re asking, move through the emotions that keep us out of alignment, and open to receive...we’ll keep repeating the same mistakes. 

In other words, you have to get out of the way, STOP sabotaging your intentions, and START using what you know to your advantage!

This is what you'll learn and do:

Module I:  Alignment    

Part 1:  Align with what you want

  • Learn what it means to align with what you want
  • Discover where you're aligned and where you're not
  • Gauge your willingness to align

Part 2:  Why and how you fall out of alignment

  • Learn what triggers your fall out of alignment
  • Why you react the way you do
  • How to respond differently

Part 3: Why Nothing Seems To Change

  • Learn why nothing seems to change
  • Choose a big action to snap yourself out of a rut

Part 4: What To Start And Stop

  • Learn what you'll need to give up to get what you want
  • Understand why you may want to resist giving those things up
  • Learn what you need to start doing to get what you want
  • Understand why you may not want to start doing those things

Module II:  Emotions

Part 1: From Insecure To Secure

  • Animate your insecurity
  • Consider from where your insecurity stems
  • Listen to a meditation to help you transition out of insecurity and into security
  • Journal your experience of the meditation

Part 2: From Self-Doubt To Self-Confidence

  • Animate your self-doubt
  • Consider from where your self-doubt stems
  • Listen to a meditation to help you transition out of self-doubt and into self-confidence
  • Journal your experience of the meditation

Part 3: From Rage To Peace

  • Animate your self-doubt
  • Consider from where your self-doubt stems
  • Listen to a meditation to help you transition out of self-doubt and into self-confidence
  • Journal your experience of the meditation




Module III: Evolve

Part 1: Align Your Chakras

  • What and wear your chakras are
  • What they represent and what they govern
  • What it means to align your chakras
  • What happens when your chakras are out of alignment
  • How to bring them into alignment

Part 2: Restore Your Energetic Gate-keeper

  • What your energetic gatekeeper is
  • What it does
  • How it gets disrupted
  • Where you're blocking the flow
  • Where you're leaking or over absorbing
  • How to restore it.

Part 3: Open to Receive

  • Reaffirm your willingness to come into alignment with the relationship you desire and to realign whenever you fall out
  • Invite in any healing (in regards to relationships) that you've aske for but haven't received
  • Finish creating a solid foundation upon which to manifest that relationship

Your relationship struggles are not your fault...

Trust me, I've been there. I know the hardship of feeling hurt, disappointed, and ashamed.

Many of us, stuck somewhere between what we witnessed growing up and what Hollywood sold us since, have no idea how to "be" in happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships. 

It's harder still because you're making your decisions subconsciously and it feels like life is happening to you, is happening because of you.

That knowingness puts you in the position of power.

If life is happening because of you, then you can manifest the relationships you want just as easily as the ones you don't!

Fueled by exhaustion and on the verge of giving up, I found a new way. A way that works. I broke free and manifested the love of a lifetime. 

You can too. Start today. 


Why Do So Many Women Struggle In Their Relationships?


X They're confused about why things are the way they are.


Saying you're confused is just a way to keep spinning in your thoughts without having to deal with the real issues. You don't have to be confused and it starts when you STOP saying you are.


X They find themselves asking questions like "Why does this keep happening TO me?"


This is not an empowering question and won't ever lead to a satisfying life or relationship. When you realize that life happens in response to you, you start to reclaim your power.


X  They know what they'd like in their relationships BUT they don't know how to get from where they are to where they'd like to be.


Discovering a new way to look at yourself, your life, and your relationships starts by looking inward. That's exactly what my course helps you do.

By The End Of This Course You'll...


✓ Have the know-how to go from powerless to POWERFUL in ALL of your relationships.


 Gain the clarity you need to move forward in a NEW way.


 Know how to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again.


✓ Find yourself experiencing more and more SATISFACTION in your relationships.


✓ Be more willing to to fall more deeply in love with yourself in Part II of the Rebirth your Relationships series. 

Vanessa Sexton

God placed Dr. Kate in my life several years ago as preparation for what was to come (divorce, living single, a new career, etc) Had it not been for the two of them along with my faith and trust I would not be where I am today.

My work with her can’t be explained with mere words. I can tell you that I grew more as an individual in the year or so we worked together than I had the previous 20 years combined. I have gained self-esteem, love and respect.

My energy is that of light and love and in return that is now what I attract and surround myself with.

My life has never been better than right now.



Dottie Bevis

Dr. Kate helped me learn how to have a voice for myself, and stop being pulled in so many directions by family members.

She gave me the tools I needed to keep myself healthy, and balanced relationships. Dr. Kate worked with me so I could be loving towards others in difficult situations, but no longer let someone take advantage of me.

With her help, I broke a lifelong cycle of trying to fix things that I can’t fix. No more fear and guilt for me!

Audra Ebel

I'm not even sure where to begin. To say that my life looks almost nothing like it did before the class is perhaps a good starting point.

 One of my intentions for the class was to experience Heart-Centered and Healthy Relationships, as taken straight from my introductory questionnaire.

I am now happy to say that I have released this toxic relationship and am so much more clear on how to live my life and ensure I am choosing relationships that keep me in the sweet sweet spot! 

Learning ways to let go of all that does not serve me with peace and gratitude has been such a gift of this course. I've known and worked with Dr. Kate for a few years now and this class did not disappoint! My only question is what's the next program? I want more!

I'm Dr. Kate Flynn

I'm a chiropractor, intuitive healer, author, teacher and speaker.


I create tools to Empower women to Evolve and Grow in every area — Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically. 


I hold my students in a space of unconditional love and help them to connect the dots of their understanding, so they may reclaim their power and reveal their authentic selves. 


I believe the purpose of a healer is to empower those seeking care so that they may ultimately see that true healing comes from within.It is my purpose to share tools for the mental, emotional and spiritual health directly with those looking for them.


Maybe you've already invested in dozens of courses, books, coaches, and programs...and you're STILL not where you want to be. 

The problem is, most of the relationship advice out there wasn’t created on the foundation of healing yourself first.

I’m here to change that. I've invested many years and many thousands of dollars AND I know what it takes to become the person you were meant to be...all in a way that FEELS right for you. 

My mission is to get this into as many hands as possible because the world needs all of our gifts and this course will help you share those by discovering yourself.

That’s why I’m offering this complete journey with me for $47...

that’s a single payment.

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