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5 Minutes to Feel Better When You're Stuck in a Rut

I've been wanting to create a series called, "5 Minutes to Feel Better When...," and figured, "Why not now?"

So, here goes. Each month I'll explore 3 fairly simple things you can do in 5 minutes to feel better when you...can't sleep, have a headache, are constipated, feel anxious or depressed, are frustrated, etc.

We'll begin with 5 Mintues to Feel Better When You're Stuck in a Rut.

First though, I'd like to share my philosophy regarding the Sweet Spot. You experience the Sweet Spot when you live at the intersection of your humanity and divinity on the continuum of infinity. It's a vibrational range where you feel pretty good and your life is working for you. An unchecked ego will attempt to pull you out of the Sweet Spot in either direction. See the lovely diagram below. I drew it just for you.

The sweet spot is located within the dashed line circle.

Back to feeling stuck...

The funny thing about comfort zones and habits is that they will eventually create ruts for you to get stuck in when you allow them to outlive their usefullness. They are breeding grounds for complacency and stagnancy. They lure you into auto pilot and disconnect you from your inner voice--the one that proclaims, "Yeah, this has been great, but there's something more. It's time to grow."

When is the last time you did something that scared you? Something that took you out your comfort zone and changed you. Could be big or small. Could have to do with changing up your routine or having a "hard" conversation. Could be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

If you're an adrenaline junkie, find that you sometimes have diarrhea of the mouth, or change your mind more frequently than you change your underwear, you could be out of the Sweet Spot in the opposite direction. No judgement here, it's typically the direction I go when I come out of center.

Things that scare you could look more like sitting still or being quiet, talking about your feelings, saying "no," moving in one direction long enough to see results, or being more considerate of the needs and desires of others.

The things that create your ruts and scare you will be as unique as you.

Regardless of your direction away from the Sweet Spot, make a list of anything you've done in the last year that scared you--that left you changed. Be honest. Go ahead, I'll wait. We only have five mintues though, so don't take too long!

If you couldn't come up with anything, it's probably time to shake things up. It's time for something new.

Now, you're ready for the, "Feel better, " part:

1. Start by priming your "new experiences" pump with meditation. Breathe in the New Horizons image below for 5-7 breaths. Read the discription and then breathe it in for another 5-7 breaths. Learn more about these meditation cards here.

"Your heart asks you to move into uncharted territory, unsupported by past experiences. Look at this picture and free yourself from fear of the unknown. Stay in your heart and come from love. The sun is shining and will welcome you with its warmth. There will be peaks and valleys, opportunities to learn, and choices to make. Enter your new journey with enchanted wonder and all will be well. "

2. Then, try out this technique.

The freedom of flight.

No, it doesn't involve hang gliding...for now.

Start with a simple visualization.

Scan your body and look for the ruts in which you are stuck. Maybe you feel them in your feet, in your low back, or in your hips. Once you find them, use a color, shape, or sound (or combination of all three) to repave the suface and fill in the rut. Then, place both hands on your heart and say, "I lovingly give myself permission to grow."

3. Finally, make a new list of things you would do if fear wasn't an issue. Put as many things on your list and you can think of. Prayerfully or meditatively choose one, explore parts unkown, and grow. You got this, I promise!

I do hope that you feel better already!

Before we close, which of the following topics would you most like to see me cover in November?

5 Minutes to Feel Better When You Feel

a) Sad

b) Lonely

c) Frustrated

Share your response in the comments!

Until next time, do something that scares you (in a good way) and let it be fun! Then, tell us about it!

Love and Blessings,

Dr. Kate Flynn

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