Life In The Sweet Spot: 111 Actions to Live a Life you Love

Life In The Sweet Spot: 111 Actions to Live a Life you Love

Hosted by: Dr. Kate Flynn

When I look back on my childhood the one thing I wish I would have heard was, "You are enough." Don't get me's not like I had a terrible childhood or that my parents weren't amazing. It's just that no one...


Episode 1: What is the Sweet Spot?

Season #1 Episode #1

Let's move beyond the typical interpretations of this familiar phrase and take it broader and deeper through an exploration of what life looks like when lived from there. I believe that we taste the sweetness of life...
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Episode 2: Ego, Friend or Foe?

Season #1 Episode #2

Your ego is the mediator between what you experience and how you relate to that experience. It integrates everything you perceive into a matrix, or energetic box, and then compares it with everything that has ever...
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Episode 3: What does it mean to be whole?

Season #1 Episode #3

Explore how, why, and when you exchange pieces of yourself with another and learn how to return to wholeness. With this understanding in place, listen to my guided meditation "I Am Whole," on Insight Timer and move...
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E4: It's Good to Ground

Season #1 Episode #4

Let's explore the concept of grounding. What does it mean to be grounded, why do we avoid it, what happens when we're not grounded, and how do our subconsious minds try to bring us back into harmony? We'll answer all...
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E5: On Prayer and Intention--How do they work?

Season #1 Episode #5

There is no fairy godmother in the sky granting wishes to some and denying them to others. We live in an abundant universe--ask and it is given. When it comes to our prayers and intentions, all we have to do is come...
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What I've Learned

Season #1 Episode #6

It's been almost 4 years since I last shared a podcast. Seems like yesterday...and a lifetime ago. I've grown so much since then and finally feel as though all of the pieces of me are settling gently into place. This...
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