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In-Person Sessions

Local to Cuenca, Ecuador? I offer 20-Minute Tune-Ups to help with align with your health and wellness goals.

They consist of an intuitively guided mix of chiropractic, muscular activation, dry needling, sound therapy, and energy work. 

Chiropractic: Focuses on proper alingment of the joints and movement within them. Every time you get adjusted 5 things happen:

  • Pain is reduced
  • Range of motion is restored
  • The lymphatic system is boosted
  • Your immune system is optimized and...
  • Your nervous sytem is reset—which means it's harder for anyone to get on your last nerve:)

Muscle Activation: Focuses on activating the muscles to make sure they are firing properly. Muscles connect joints, so when worked on together, optimal function on the physical level is restored. 

Dry Needling: Is like acupuncture for western doctors. Dry simply means that nothing is coming out of the needle, as in a shot. Dry needling focuses on releasing energy within the fascia, the material that holds your muscles together in groups.

Sound Therapy: I employ tuning forkes (tuned to the Solfeggio frequencies) to provide vibrational therapy. This helps relax the muscles and also brings about a healing shift within the autonomic nervous system. And—it's super relaxing.

Energy Work:  As Einstein said, everything is energy and your body stores it all—stress, emotions, trauma, life. Hands on healing helps to release the ties that bind. You will feel lighter and like you have more freedom within your body. 

When these techniques are combined, miracles can happen.  

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Virtual Sessions

I work with patients virtually to help them chart a clear path from where they are to where they would like to be. 

Our first session will be exploratory in nature. We'll figure out exactly how you came to be where you are, which obstacles need to be cleared, and what doors need to be opened. 

After the exploratory process, I'll take you through a guided meditation to Clear your Slate and help prepare you for what is to come. 

After this I will create a customized care plan, specific to your needs, and go over it with you during the Report of Findings. 

Or, if you would prefer, I will walk you (or you and a group) step-by-step through one of my self-study programs to give you the extra guidance, specific instruction, and confidence you need to complete the course. Going it alone can be challenging, it's ok to ask for help. 

Techniques I've created and/or employ:

  • Activating Ascension
  • Freedom from Bondage
  • Blueprint Restoration
  • Emotional Allergy Clearing
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Advanced Action Planning
  • Pathway Purification
  • Visual Meditation Activations
  • Intuition Engagement
  • and More!

I promise you, this is the most in-depth and energetically aligned course of care you will ever experience. 

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