Heavy Metal Toxicity

Firstly, reduce your exposure to the common sources of heavy metals outlined in your manual. Secondly, know that there is not a quick fix to detoxify them from your system.

Then, consider the protocol outlined below. It relies on chlorella, spirulina, cilantro, and bentonite clay for their natural abilities to chelate and bind heavy metals for elimination through your digestive system. Some detox protocols rely on elimination through the kidneys which is typically a little harder on your body.

Chlorella, spirulina and cilantro are natural chelators that bind with the heavy metals and see to their release through digestional elimination.

Chlorella and spirulina are both algaes.

Cilantro is an herbal remedy.

Bentonite clay acts like a sponge, drawing out heavy metals and other toxins, either through the skin or within the digestive system.

Heavy metal detoxification may further challenge your immune system and should not be entered into lightly. Consult with a physician or natural health practitioner to plan and coordinate your detox. To fully release the strain of heavy metals, it may be necessary to remove dental amalgams containing them. Talk to a holistic dentist regarding this possibility.

Complete this nine week cycle three times. Allow adequate amounts of time for rest and stay hydrated throughout.

Chlorella - 1,000 mgs, twice per day for two weeks.

Bentonite Clay Bath - Soak nightly, for thirty minutes, for two weeks.

Spirulina - 1,000 mgs, twice per day for three weeks.

Liquid Cilantro - Five to ten drops, orally, twice per day, for two weeks.