Life in the Sweet Spot: The Game

This game is basically the culmination of my life's work. For real though, I'm not exagerating...

One evening, not so long ago, my husband and I are were talking about the various programs and things that I had created. He looked at me and asked, "How could you put all of that into a game?"

With that one question, I was off to the races! In an instant download from Source, and all of the information poured out of the ethers, into my heart, and onto paper. My husband was inspired as well and, with a little help from Kendra at Upwork, we created the Life In The Sweet Spot Game.

There are only 2 rules to the game:

1. Don't take anything personally. Whatever card you pull is simply a topic for discussion. That is all.

2. Refrain from telling anyone else what he or she "should," "needs to," or "has to" do. Share from your own experience and leave it at that.

How it works:

This game is all about relationships. All of them. From your relationship with Source, to yourself, to those you love, to your community--it covers all the bases. Because, truly, no person is an island. Everything that you experience is in relationship to something or someone else.


First, you'll complete the opening sequence--A series of steps to bring you into Sacred Space and help you surrender your ego and come into your heart. Because, seriously, this vulnerabilty stuff is no joke. It helps the players know they are safe so that they'll speak their truth.


As part of the opening, each player will intuitively choose an "Assistance" stick. As this game is available to peoples of all faiths, you'll find a wide variety of etheric assistance in this selection. Be ope to receive. If you pull something or someone unfamiliar to you, do a little research and explore. Discern what is true for you and celebrate this new source of unseen, yet ever-present, support.

Next, the first "player" will roll the 13-sided die. This roll will determine the relationship up for discussion. The player will randomly choose a card from the corresponding relationship and read it to the group. Then, the player will share how this card relates to whatever they are experiencing or have experienced from the past.

After the player shares from his or her experience, the topic is opened to the group. Anyone who would like can share from their experience.

Next, player 1 will roll the 7-sided die and randomly choose a card from whichever "Activation" category they roll. The Activation cards are designed to help move whatever was "brought up" in the discussion to completion so that nothing "gets stuck" in the physical body. Everyone can join in the fun for this one!

That concludes Player 1's turn and the next player rolls the 13-sided die and so on.

We recommend 1-3 rounds, depending on how many people are playing and how much "stuff" you want to move through in one game.

So, it looks something like this:

Sacred space is opened and egos are surrendered.

Player 1 pulls The Holy Trinity stick for assistance and she rolls a 4 on the 13-sided die. The category up for discussion is Purpose.


The card player 1 randomly choose reads: From your Purpose, "The only way you could miss me is if you're always trying to find me. I'm right here in your heart. You don't FIND me, you OPEN to me."

She shares her experience in looking for, finding, or experiencing her purpose. Then, the rest of the group shares theirs.


After the discussion is complete, Player 1 rolls a 4 on 7-sided die.

This Activation category is "Change your Environment." The card chosen reads, "Order a lovemaking art kit, create a masterpiece with your lover, and hang it above your bed." Yes, that's what it says. Statistically speaking, this card gets picked way more often that you would think! So, I wasn't exactly surprised when I randomly chose it for this example. Everyone chimes in with their response and then it's the next players turn.

If the player rolls a 7 on the 7-sided die, the player gets to choose from which Activation category he or she would like to experience.


A common thread that connects all of the players who have come to play will emerge after the first or second round. Some relationships will be the focus as others will be ignored by the roll of the dice. This hightlights the strength of our relationship with each other--as it is strong enough to influence the game.

Play continues in this way until it feels complete--typcially after 1-3 rounds. Afterwards, the closing sequence is completed and then each player chooses a popsicle stick with guidance on what to expect as a reaction to all that is brought up while playing the game, a follow up step to amplify a postitve reaction or mitigate a less desirable one, and a Love Note from their higher self.

This is how it played out for our example:

Possible Reaction: Ready to move forward.

Follow Up: Learn something new.

Love Note: You've go the moves like Jagger, dance through your day!


The game is then complete. An intimate experience has been shared. A deeper understanding of self has unfolded. A bond within the group has formed.

It is profound. Beautiful. Life-changing.

It's been called "Spiritual Jumanji" and "Therapy in a Box."

The Life In The Sweet Spot Game is available for pre-order.

Or, gather a group up 5-7 friends and Dr. Kate will facilitate this experience for you.

If you are a local therapist or small group leaderand would like your therapy or small group to play the game, contact Dr. Kate to see about borrowing it.

NOTE: Fancy glasses not included.