Choose one or more of the following to mitigate the effects of fluoride on your intuition.

1. To remove fluoride as a block to your intuition, begin my making sure you don't ingest any more. Filter it out of your water and buy fluoride free toothpaste. Swap out your non-stick cookware as they are coated with fluoride based substances.

2.To mitigate the toxic effects of fluoride after it’s been ingested, use the following number activation sequence to unlock decalcification codes within your pineal gland:

869127912 869 579128 5

This is the universal code for initiating transmutation. Listen for additional numbers specifically attuned to your pineal gland and associated deposits of calcium.

3. Consider supplementation to help further decalcify your pineal gland and turn up the volume on your intuition. Check out this guide from Scott Jeffrey, consult your physician, and choose the one or two that resonate the highest.