To mitigate the effect of fear, first gain an awareness of things that commonly trigger a fear response within you.

Here are some ideas to get you started: Financial stresses, making decisions, rejections or reactions from others, trying something new, remembering the past, planning for the future, being still or quiet, dealing with health issues, caring for a loved one, flying, driving, leaving your house, being in crowds.

Feel into those things that you most frequently experience and make a list in your manual on the back of the page that speaks to fear. Then, consider how your body responds in those situations.

Common responses include, but are not limited to, increased heartrate, shallow breathing, stiffness, confusion, and irrational thought.

Note the ones you typically experience. Add to your list when fear arises in the moment and you observe responses that you didn't foresee.

With awareness and practice you will be conscious of your fear response and able to stop the progression of fear by choosing love and coming back into heart space.

To recognize a potential vibrational fall into a fear response, ask your higher self for a symbol that will help you return to love. Allow it to rise to conscious awareness. The symbol may be a representation of something tangible (ie. a star, rainbow, sunburst, etc.) or it may be abstractly expressed in line, shape, or color. Trust that whatever you receive is exactly what you need to be able to return to love.

Draw it underneath your list of fears and reactions. Meditate on it at the first signs of a fear response.

I've included a few additional techniques you may use as well:

1. Repeat the following number activation sequence five times to activate frequencies of love and deactivate frequencies of fear whenever your fear response is initiated (the more immediately you use the numbers, the more beneficial you'll find them so keep them handy):

8291657918 2 619719 2 82179 2

Remember to listen for numbers specifically for you.

2. Complete the Fear Release technique

Place your right hand over your spleen. Your spleen is tucked up under the outer aspect of your left rib cage. 

Place your thumb and ring finger of your left hand together, tip to tip.

Take five deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Stay here until you feel warmth radiating out of your right hand and into your spleen, or otherwise sense completion.

Place your left hand over your liver while placing your thumb and ring finger of your right hand together, tip to tip. Your liver is located under the front of your right rib cage.

Take five deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Stay here until you feel warmth radiating out of your left hand and into your liver or otherwise sense completion.

Repeat until your perspective has shifted.

3. Meditate on the Transmutation of Fear of Change Meditation image below. Breathe it in for 5-7 breaths. Read the description. Breathe it in for five to seven more breaths.

Fear of Change: Change is a catalyst for spiritual growth and evolution. It does not have to be hard. Simply allow things to flow as they will. Accept everything as it is in the present moment and then take action. View this card and release all resistance surrounding change in your personal life. Stay in your heart and allow.

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