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There comes a point when...

you start to realize that no one is going to change for you. That maybe you’re asking for something from others that they have no capacity to understand and no ability to give.

You start to see that no one seems to have the answers you seek.  You feel a little better after the reiki, energy work, tarot reading, sound bath, channeled message, church service, whatever it is. But the better doesn’t last. 

You realize that maybe you’ve gotten all there is to get out of passive therapies—the ones that don’t turn up the volume on your inner voice or teach you how to follow your own inner blueprint. 

You see that your thoughts are unmanageable and that your efforts in trying to control them are in vain. You are tired of hearing yourself tell the same story over and over again.

You find yourself at a crossroads...

You can continue to try to force yourself into the box that you’ve been conditioned to believe is the way you are “supposed” to be. But that’s going to get harder and more uncomfortable over time. It will take a greater and greater toll on your spirit...not to mention your physical body.

Yes, your physical body bears the brunt of your thoughts. It tells the story of every trauma, especially ones that didn’t leave a mark. Of every incorrect relationship you’ve ever entered and self-sabotaging choice you’ve ever made. 

And, you’re afraid that if you move it, stretch it, or care for it, you may find that you simply can’t force yourself to fit back in your box. If you start feeling better, you won’t fit. But you will upset the status quo. Better to just stay small. Keep quiet. Put a smile on and pretend that everything is ok. 


You can remember that you were born with superpowers. That you live in your very own spaceship. And, rather than manage your thoughts you can simply shift the power from them and use it to fuel your spaceship—your body. 

It really will tell you all you need to know. It is constantly giving you feedback and signaling correct action. All you have to do is learn to wait, to listen, and to heed its direction. It really is that simple. And, it can be easy. In fact, it is liberating.

I've learned...

just about every possible way to get up and down the mountain. I am an experimenter. I will put myself in crazy situations, just to see what happens and share what I’ve learned with others. Which means, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. A lot of mistakes.

I know a lot about what doesn’t work.

And that is how I’ve been able to streamline what does work into an efficient and effective method for healing and manifestation.

I learned how to turn up the volume on my own inner voice, when to wait and when to act, and how to make correct choices.

I can teach you how to do the same.

I'm not going to lie...

if you want to align with your intentions, manifest your desires, and live authentically—but you don’t want anything else to change, this will not work.

When you start living from your body and you leave the chaos of your mind behind, you will no longer be able to pretend.

If you’re living in an incorrect environment, working an incorrect job, living with an incorrect partner you will find that conforming to them will be in direct opposition to your power to manifest. 

You can invite those in your life to come along with you. But, if they’re perfectly content to fit into their box, they will not be able to continue. You will have to choose if you want to move forward, or if you’re going to allow the unwillingness of others to hold you back. 

Should you decide to move forward as your true self—watch out!

You will be a manifestation magnet.

You will attract others that are living as their true selves.

You will attract career opportunities that are authentically aligned.

As you decondition from your thoughts and shift the power to your body, you will experience health.

You will feed good.

You’ll feel better than good!

Do you want to feel better than good? 

With that question, your mind probably came up with all the reasons why feeling better than good is a bad idea. 

But, but...what will your partner/kids/parents/boss/friends say?? You could lose everything!

What was your body’s response to that question though? Does your body want to feel better than good?

Yes, if you’ve entered into things incorrectly, you will lose some as you move forward. 

That is true. But, oh what you will gain. Just imagine!

An Invitation

If what you’ve read so far excites you, then, I promise, this work is FOR you! 

If what you’ve read scares you, but your body’s affirmative response to feeling better than good has given you hope, then keep reading. We can go as slow as you need, one step at a time. 

If you want what you want, but you don’t want to do what it takes to get it, then maybe it’s time to stop reading.

You can keep spinning your wheels and stay locked in mental madness, just know that is a choice. Not a sentence. 


Still with me?




I promise you, working with me will be the most in-depth and authentically aligned course of care you will ever experience. 

Step 1: Awareness of strategy and authority

Step 2: Identify the distortions 

Step 3: Take action to resolve the distortion

Step 4: Cue your body to release the conditioning


No other modality out there is going to get you the results that you will get with the Activate Ascension method

It is efficient. It is concise. It requires no excavation or reliving of painful experiences.

It is about moving forward.


Are you willing to move forward?

If so, I will happily be your guide and help you find your way back to yourself.

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