Activating Ascension

I was pissed...

After Reading Eckart Tolle's, A New Earth: Awakening to your Life Purpose,

and the subsequent initiation of my spiritual awakening, I fell asleep in the third dimension fully prepared - not to mention, expecting - to wake up in the land of cupcakes and unicorns.

I was "spiritual" now. Surely, above the anger and pettiness of my former self. Call me naive, call me whatever you want, that's where I was.

Needless to say, that's not how it worked out.

Ultimately, I was awoken, and rather rudely I might add, in the Land of What the F$%!.

Perhaps, you've been there too? I was blind-sided by the past and the unfinished business it contained. The Guilt. The Emotional Trauma. The mistakes.

All of it rose to the surface like scum on the top of a dirty pond, demanding to be acknowledged, healed, cleaned up, and released. I knew that it would swallow me whole and spit me out in pieces, if I let it.

Great. Now what? At that point I could see why so many choose to stay asleep. Once you know, you can't un-know. Once your cross over into the realm of the heart, there is no turning back.

Apparently, what "they" say is true. Ignorance really is bliss.

But, it won't sustain you. It won't move you beyond your warm, safe cocoon, no matter how terrible albeit comfortable it may be, and prepare you for life as a butterfly. It sure is tempting to stay there though.

If you're on the fence, think long and hard about moving forward. Or, is it, think long, think wrong? You'll have to decide for yourself.

Figuring out hot to not get eaten became my number one priority. As it turned out, there was a universal plan unbeknownst to me that was about to be revealed.

Redemption came in the form of Mary Jane.

No, not that Mary Jane. The Mary Jane that strangely requested to see me over the doctor she was scheduled to see. Why or how she came to that choice is still a mystery. She was following a voice that I couldn't hear and, at that time, couldn't even conceive.

Mary Jane came into my life, an Earthly angel, unknowingly charged with helping me get my bearings in this new and unfamiliar land. Not that she was without resistance, mind you. We have each taken our turn over the years, encouraging the other to keep putting one foot in front and move forward.

Long story short, I began asking God, The Universe, Source, the Magical Fairy Dust that Connects Us All as One, whatever you want to call It, a LOT of Questions. And, she answered.

Activating Ascension is...

The culmination of all of those answers.

I like to think of it as a philosophy. However, seems like most of us aren't very philosophical. So, maybe I'll call it a toolbox or an app for life to make it a little more tangible.

Whatever it is, or whatever you call it, it's helped me beyond measure. It's helped me to understand why I'm here and what this crazy life is all about. I'd share those answers with you now, but they're too simple. The ego hates simple. We love making things complicated.

All it takes is a little distraction. Give your ego/mind something to focus on or think about - a visualization, technique, or meditation, maybe - and it will happily follow along. Meanwhile, your heart will do what it's known to do all long, but was never put in the driver's seat long enough to make happen.

All of that to Say, if you're Here Looking for Warm Fuzzies and...

Wanting someone to tell you that:

It's all going to be OK, you don't have to change, it will be easy, or that everyone else is the problem...

Move Along, Now. Quickly.

Go back to your warm and safe cocoon. Go back to Facebook and Netflix. It's too dangerous to move forward. Play it safe and stay with what you know. Make peace with the old cliche, it is what it is. Wither and die before you give yourself permission to find out what you're made of and fully live.

Sounds a Bit Harsh, I Know.

But, the truth of the matter is...

Spiritual growth and awakening is hard. Not because it has to be, but because we make it that way. Could be that it's human nature. Could be that the voice of our fears and our resistance is so loud that it drowns out that still, small voice within.

Whatever the case my be, I'm not here to blow smoke up your rear and I refuse to go down on the sinking ship with you. Your friends may do that. I'm not your friend. Not yet, anyway. Who knows? You may be super cool and we might camp or hike or kayak together sometime in the future. But, for now, I will be your Mary Jane.

I will throw you a lifesaver and do whatever I can to stop you from drowning.

I will help you to make the hard choices.

I will show you that just because that's the way it's always been, doesn't mean that's the way it always has to be.

I will teach you that it's actually easier to go through your emotional [email protected]#t than it is to avoid it. More often than not, it's more useful to rip off the bandaid in one fell swoop than to drag it out over a lifetime.

I'm here to help you shatter the status quo and create an outrageously joyful, prosperous, and healthy life.

Ready to Begin?

Step 1: Explore the Toolbox and Read the Book

You know the box that opened up from the right side of your screen the first time you came to the website? If you didn't already, enter your email address to unlock the toolbox. You'll find printable worksheets from the book and audio or video of ALL of the techniques from the book. Try out a few of them and see how they feel.

Funny thing about tools? They only work if you use them.

Am I going to email you? Probably. Am I going to waste your time with ridiculousness? Never. I don't believe in fluff. If I send it, you can put it to good use. Pinky swear.

Once you've entered your email address and explored the toolbox, buy the book. Worried that the book will be a teaser or a sales pitch for a bigger program? It's not. It's over 200 pages that you can immediately use to change your life. And, as mentioned above, I don't believe in fluff, I'm literally giving away an entire system for building a life you love for a measly $20.

Hell, you could read the book, totally change your life and then build a practice and help others do the same - and never have to hear from me again. But, I'm pretty cool, so I sure hope you'd want to keep in touch. Unless you're not cool. In that case, fly little birdie, build your empire!

Still can't bring yourself to drop the $20? Come on! You and I both know you spend more than that on lattes, unused yoga props or gym memberships, or whatever other nonessential crap on which you blow your money. This book will still be relevant 20 years from now, a source of reference from which to pull inspiration, a huge return on investment. So...what are you waiting for?

And, if, after all that, you still need a little extra incentive, read the first three pages here.

Step 2: Meditate, Already. Seriously, Do It.

I know. It's too hard. You don't have time. You can't clear your mind. Blah, blah, blah. Seriously. Admit it. Even you are tired of your excuses.

Besides, I've made it fail proof. All you have to do is look at pretty pictures. For realz. If you thought there were hard and fast rules to which you had to follow to meditate properly, you were wrong. If someone else taught you that, they're wrong too. There's more than one way to do anything. Be weary of anyone who says differently, that way of thinking is a huge red flag.

A few minutes of visual meditation a day can help pull your head out of your rear, I mean open your heart and shift your perspective. It really can be that easy. Click here to learn more.

And, if you also enjoy something closer to traditional meditation (with an activation twist), I have several on Insight Timer. You can listen to them all free there. Seriously though, if you find yourself complaining more about the sound of my voice rather than having gratitude for the mind-blowing experience of being catapulted into the next dimension offered out of the kindness of my heart because I truly do want to make the world a better place - you've totally missed the point. Good job.

Step 3: Take the Course

It's not ready yet, but it's all up here. Insert visualization of me smiling awkwardly and pointing to my head. I've thought a lot about how to do this and have probably completely over-thought it.

All I know for sure is that I have this fancy-smancy wireless video camera that records in 4k, whatever that means, that's just waiting to be put to good use.

My heart is most concerned with getting this information "out there" and into the hands of those that will use it for the greater good while my mind takes more of an issue with how best to resolve the 300k of student loan debt looming over me. I'm looking for the sweet spot and have a feeling I might just find it at the intersection of suggested donation and pay what you can afford.

If you're super-power is tech and you are overcome with inspiration as to what this all may look like, I'm all ears. Email me!